Doom Knight Monster Capture

1. Complete the UPPER green sets by moving UP the green pieces in the middle rows
2. Complete the 4 purple sets by moving the skull in the middle of each DOWN
3. Swap the remaining 2 skulls with the red on top of them and done


  1. Every time I try this, I still end up with two green gems on either side. What am I doing wrong?

  2. well, if you think of it as two sets of three, if we're thinking about the same puzzle... it should be two green on top, two in the middle and two at the bottom meaning you should move the fourth row UP into the third row to complete a group of three. Maybe we are talking about different puzzles though? After you complete the top ones you should leave the bottom green ones for later.



    Okay, i am just writing this based on memory for DS puzzle quest.

    1) Firstly, on the extreme right, i remember there is like the purple stars and the skulls. You move the extreme right purple star up to clear the three stars. The extreme right skull will fall and extreme right skulls gone.

    2) Next will be very simple. You look at the positions of the green gems near the top, i think in column 3. Move the green gem at the centre up to complete the top green gems. This applies to the green gem also at the 7th column. The KEY is to clear the green gems at the top by using the green gem which is below it. As for the center green gem (at the 5th column if there is any) it will clear itself or you can do it by moving one green gem up or down.

    3) As for the skulls same thing, just look before you clear which is so much easier because the green gems at the top has been cleared and you won't have to fear that you will be left with two green gems by the side. Example in third column, i remember there was skull, i also cleared it by moving one skull up or one skull down.

    4) Then what happened eventually was the red will fall down and the skulls at the centre can be cleared easily.

    In summary,

    The key is to:

    1) clear the extreme right first column, by moving the purple stars up, and the the skulls down. clear it first.

    2) Look at the two sides of the green gems i remember is at column 3 and 7. Below them there is one green gem. Move the green gem up to clear the top green gems.

    3) The rest of the reds and skulls will be piece of cake. just LOOK before you clear them you will be fine.

    4) if you messed up the remianing reds and skulls ,don't worry. Just remember the key points 1 and 2, and you can explore your way through. Trust me, I messed up too and if I can do it, so can you!

    Let me know the exact positions of the doomknight puzzle quest if u need specific instructions. Good luck! =)