Have a good strategy? I want to know about it!

Personally I like taking the knight and starting off with getting enough mana to execute a "stun" and a "vigil". Now "stun" again to ensure your turn never ends then start hitting the little goonie with some "knight lord" goodness. It's almost always guarenteed to give you four if not five of a kind every time. And if it doesn't you've got that stun insurance policy. Some bug means that the vigil never counts down and you can keep hitting your enemy with purple stars which by proxy will start stacking up skull combos when they appear new. It's fairly difficult to not kick the crap out of whatever you're fighting, and as an added bonus, ALL those experience points from the purple stars.

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  1. good evening bro, im currently playing this game on my iphone.. i come across a creature 'Pegasus' (like a unicorn but without the horn) for me to capture, in Storm Hills (between K'Tarn and Lysea), but i've tried so many times and still unsuccessful. can u pls help me? thanks~ and great solutions by d way :)